Currency Exchanges In Aiur
Khazad Common Wealth
10 Shim
10 Iron Drab
10 Copper Jot
10 Silver Talent
= 1 Iron Drab
= 1 Copper Jott
= 1 Silver Talent
= 1 Gold Mark
5 Iron Penny
2 Ha'Penny
10 Copper Penny
12 Silver Penny
= 1 Copper Penny
= 1 Copper Penny
= 1 Silver Penny
= 1 Common
Eldari Aturan
2 Halfpenny
2½ Penny
2 Bit
4 Quarter Bit
10 Round

10 Bit
2 Haft
5 Haft
5 Reel
= 1 Penny
= 1 Bit
= 1 Quarter Bit
= 1 Round
= 1 Royal

= 1 Haft
= 1 Noble
= 1 Reel
= 1 Five Reel Piece
3 Rasteur
3 Iron Link
3 Soft Penny
7 Hard Penny
12 Bellum
= 1 Iron Link
= 1 Soft Penny
= 1 Hard Penny
= 1 Bellum
= 1 Lord Rose
Rates of Exchange
Common Wealth
1 Half Penny
1 Iron Penny
1 Iron Link
= 6½ Shim
= 3 Shim
= 4½ Shim
Khazad Currency

Bartering was the most common method of trade. Some larger cities coined their own currency, but outside those cities the money was only worth the weight of the metal. Bars of metal were better for bartering, but full bars of metal were inconvenient to carry.

The eldest and wisest of the Dwarven people in the Iron Hills devised a standard. They began to cut small ingots of valuable metals into 10 pieces. They created a set standard 10 unit scale.

While the people of the Commonwealth were proud of their currency. The ease and availability of the Khazad coinage has made it the preferred currency.

Eldari Currency

Elven coin is less a coherent, rational system of currency, than it is the product of an unhappy marriage of several obsolete related coinages.

And, as always, when relatives marry, the offspring tends to be ugly, deformed, and of interest only to those who have spawned it.

The Elven people were, and remain, far less concerned with money as the dwarves were.

Common Wealth Currency

Yes, our proposed system is somewhat unwieldy. Yes, it contains much that is somewhat archaic, and leaves behind much that is traditional and comforting. This is the price of coherence.

But it will be OUR coin. And if every small duke and Barron strikes his face on the flat of it, is that not perfect? Is this not the coin of many different peoples come together, choosing to rule themselves jointly? Free at last from the shackles of Empire?

Because I tell you, if we do not have our own coin, we will all be shackled again. And while the Khazad chains might be of gold, they will prove as strong and cold as Balthazar's iron has ever been.

-- From Araman Ashbride's monograph - Shackles of Empire

Aturan Currency

Despite not being widely used, it proves a remarkably stable coinage, and tends to hold its value. This is unsurprising, really. As Atur has a proud history of debasing its coinage, while the penance piece can always be exchanged for a small loaf of bread anywhere in Atur, and in many of the nearby towns as well.

While only a fool would hand control of the nation's currency over to the church, the fact remains that the Aturan Church have succeeded where the government of Atur has failed so frequently. The size and composition of penance bread, sometimes called a Piner's Loaf or Bregan Bread, is regulated by the Aturan Church, and they deal harshly with anyone giving short measure, or debasing the flour.

And one is forced to wonder what might happen if all governments gave thought to the bellies of their citizens, and focused on the free-grown gold of fields of wheat, rather than the cold and lifeless stuff the grasping Khazad cling to.

-- Tillen Andra: The Road of Iron and Gold

DnD Currency

This is just DnD currency. Nothing special. Move along

Currency Exchange
Coins Received:
Khazad Eldari Common Wealth Aturan DnD
Shim Halfpenny Iron Penny Rasteur Copper
Iron Drab Penny Ha'Penny Iron Link Silver
Copper Jot Bit Copper Penny Soft Penny Electrum
Silver Talent Quarter Bit Silver Penny Hard Penny Gold
Gold Mark Round Common Bellum Platinum
    Royal     Lord Rose
    Five Reel Piece        
Value of Coins Received: Shims    
Transaction Fee (4%): Shims Favored trade documents verified.
Transaction fee waived.
Value of Coins Tendered: Shims    

Coins Tendered:
Khazad Eldari Common Wealth Aturan
Shim Halfpenny Iron Penny Rasteur
Iron Drab Penny Ha'Penny Iron Link
Copper Jot Bit Copper Penny Soft Penny
Silver Talent Quarter Bit Silver Penny Hard Penny
Gold Mark Round Common Bellum
    Royal     Lord Rose
    Five Reel Piece        
All Transactions Final
Coins Tendered from Greatest to Least in Value
*Please Refer to the Exchange Rates Table*
Please do not inquire as to Orcish and Gnomish currencies,
as we only deal in the proper coin of civilized nations.
Please be aware that these rates of exchange are the official guidelines set forth in in the 8th amendment of the Auriam Concords. The true value of exchanged coin may be somewhat different based on the purity, providence, and weight of actual coinage being exchanged. If you feel the exchange you are being offered is unreasonable, unfair, or otherwise outside the realm of law, we encourage you to tender your protest in writing to the Khazad embassy located in the Iron Hills, addressed to the care of Royal Ambassador and Chief Assayer Lord Dulan Anvilbender

Auriam Concords

"During the Aturan Empire's decline, their coinage was debased several times in several different ways. The resulting economic chaos damaged the Aturan church to such a degree that it has never recovered, and utterly ruined many old and powerful noble families throughout the empire.

If that were not enough, the aftermath rendered insolvent nearly two thirds of all prominent merchant houses. This led to the near-collapse of the entire civilized economy. Trade ground to a halt, and large cities were quickly filled with people unable to find honest work, honest pay, or food that could be bought for their now-worthless coin.

The result? Riots, chaos, starvation... and the eventual collapse of the empire.

Records from this time are hugely unreliable, and as such much of what historians say is speculative. Gaverous claims 250,000 people died due to lawlessness and starvation: almost twice the number of soldiers killed on both sides of the conflict in that time. Vennia, ever the firebrand, holds the highest estimate, and puts the number at well over two million.

Either way, this chaos is what eventually led to the Auriam Concords. The treaty that gave the Commonwealth governments the exclusive right to loan and exchange coinage. A right they defend fiercely even to this day...."